Thursday, June 7, 2007


Fake Jordans have taken over the internet. They are cheap and wear out within a month. I bought a pair and this is how they look after a couple of pick-up games. The tag on the tongue says the size is 13 but is more like a 11.5.

Here are some tips to spotting fake shoes:

1.) If the price is $80 or lower, then you can assume they are fake. Authentic Jordan retros are worth at least $140 and higher.

2.) Websites that sell fake shoes use different words to mislead people to buy their products. Some words they use to say the shoes are fake are: replicas, factory varients, AAA quality, authentic quality, and slightly imperfect.

3.) If a website sells shoes that have wierd colors; they are fake. The Nike company never released shoes of this color. (see below)

4.) Never buy shoes off of ebay unless the seller has tagged the pictures. This guarantees that the shoes are his.

5.) Finally, go to to compare the shoes you want to buy to theirs. They have lots of pictures of Jordan I-XXI. They show you what the box, tag, sole, insole, side, front, and back should look like, and the colors that Nike has released.
Here are some sites that sell authentic Jordans: